Welcome to Dutch design studio Kommerkors. If you think that everything has already been invented, it’s high time to have a talk with us. Kommerkors is able to take any product and turn it into something new, whether it’s a pen, a bed, an armchair or a gadget for a marketing campaign.

marketing products

For Albert Heijn, the leading food retailer in the Netherlands, Kommerkors devised the unprecedentedly successful “Hup Holland Hamsters”. 32 million of the 23 different hamsters passed over the counter last summer. They were acclaimed as the best marketing campaign of the World Cup 2014. The Hamsters are a demonstration of our ability to think up successful promotional free gifts. Just like our latest campaign for Albert Heijn, the farm minis!

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product design

What is there about a pen that can possibly be innovated? For Rotring, Kommerkors designed an extendible pen. As a result, it fits well in a diary. And when it is extended, it fits perfectly in your hand. The pen is one of the examples of how we breathe new life into existing products. Just like the pump-free soap dispenser we devised for Cleverline.

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For the Casala brand, Kommerkors created Lynx, the new chair for events. This chair is in very great demand. To cite an example, visitors to the Ahoy Convention Centre sit on this new, comfortable and stackable chair. The innovation lies in an almost invisible link by which the seats can be quickly hooked together. The Lynx has garnered the Red Dot Design Award, the internationally acclaimed award for innovative products.

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