RUF Betten: Da Capo

The German firm RUF Betten has been producing stylish patented top quality beds for eighty years. For RUF, Kommerkors designed the Da Capo: an elegant range of beds with the feel of classic design.

The design

Around the bed runs a chrome tube: a wink to Bauhaus. In combination with black or white leather, this detail provides a very high quality look to the bed. Down to the smallest detail, we have taken comfort and use into account, for example, with swivelling glass side tables which are integrated into the headboard. These little tables simply swivel away from the wall above the bed and back. The beds are for sale in various heights and colour combinations.

In the design, we took the existing production methods of RUF Betten as our point of departure. At low development costs, we created an eye-catcher, with which RUF could broaden its target audience. With that, our design is a rich addition to the range of RUF Betten. Link to RUF Betten: Click here