Rolf Benz: 580 armchair

Rolf Benz makes high end furniture that excels in quality and design. Kommerkors designed the 580 club armchair that gives an accent to any room. In its press release, Rolf Benz sings the praises of “the exceptional, almost sculptural design of the Dutch design office Kommerkors”.

The design

Characteristic of the 580 is the image: from above and from the side, you see half ellipses. Concealed inside the armchair is a cleverly constructed foam-coated metal frame, in which the seat is secured. The visible exterior is preferably made of leather with seams executed to high-quality standards that emphasise the balanced proportions.

A smaller version of the club armchair is the Rolf Benz 580 mini armchair. Technically constructed in exactly the same way and finished to perfection, this mini armchair is well-suited for use with dining and conference tables. Thanks to its sloping armrests, it doesn’t bump into the table edge, but can simply slide underneath it.

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Rolf benz 580 armchair