Kommerkors supermarket premiums go abroad

The remarkable premiums of Kommerkors are also popular outside the Netherlands. This year we designed three premiums for supermarket chains in Turkey and the Czech Republic.

For the Turkish Migros and the Czech Albert we came up with a variation on our succesfull marketing campaign for the Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn, Boer’n Leven (Farmers Life). These campaigns teach children in a creative and playfull manner about life on a farm. They can collect 24 different, easy to assemble cardboard figures,. A big cardboard farm completes the series. For Migros Kommerkors also designed a big  three-dimensional cardboard horse.

Ice hockey championship

Czech supermarket chain Albert asked Kommerkors to design a premium for the Ice Hocky World Championship that Czech Republic was hosting earlier this year. We came up with twelve funny ice hockey players, named Fanďuláků, carrying a ribbon with a cheer. Their big sticky feeth make it easy to stick them anywhere: on windows, clothes and cars.

The fans could also buy a big character, named Fandulák, and suspenders with score boards, to predict the game’s result. All merchandise are made in the Czech national colors blue, red and white.