Kommerkors designs Kluswijs Extra

Together with AM Architects, Kommerkors supervised the new construction of the KlusWijs builders’ merchants in Schoonhoven from the initial idea to the moment the door opens to the first customer.

Along with the KlusWijs organisation, we also rearranged the shop. Kommerkors designed the sales and service counters, shop-in-shop stores and various layouts. The result is a wonderfully spacious commercial property with a sales floor area of 3,200 square metres plus a large outdoor area.

This shop has become more than a “standard builders’ merchants”. It is an experience in itself, where one can draw inspiration for everything in and around the home, including garden, living space and animals. The KlusWijs organisation sees the new builders’ merchants as its flagship store and has named it KlusWijs Extra.

KlusWijs Extra is located at De Diamant 2, 2872 ZZ Schoonhoven, the netherlands.