Thirteen Kommerkors commercials

Designs by Kommerkors, such as our Hup Holland Hamsters, Beesies, Kitchen Minis, Women against the men, Casala chairs and Pletterpetten, can regularly be admired in TV commercials. Our products, such as our Esprit series Parker Pens and the Soapbelly, also appear in special promotional Youtube videos.

Watch the commercials about the products that we have designed here.

Czech ice hockey supporters for Albert

Beesies, World Cup campaign by Albert Heijn

Esprit range by Rotring/Parker

Hülsta boxspring suite design

Hup Holland Hup Hamsters


Women against the men, European Championship campaign by Albert Heijn

Cleverline soapbelly

Casala Lynx, 80 chairs within three minutes

Turkish farm minis for Migros

Kitchen Minis commercial by Albert Heijn

Pletterpet, World Cup campaign by Heineken

Casala Lynx Hall setup Estrel Berlin, Germany