Iotspot, a promising start-up company, has teamed up with Kommerkors to develop a device that shows available workspace in flexible office environments.

A growing number of organizations make use of flexible workspaces. Employees have to find a desk to work on. Every so often it looks like all desks are occupied, while in fact there are plenty of free desks available.

Iotspot provides an innovative solution to this problem, using the Internet of Thing (IoT). Iotspot is built into desktops and connected to the internet. Employees use an app on their phone to see all the available workspaces around them.

The device has been designed by Kommerkors. Iotspot looks stylish, modern and connected. Iotspot is round, flat and easy to incorporate into office furniture. A circle of light shows with three different colors whether the working space is free, reserved of occupied. 

Drentea, Vepa and EromesMarko – producers of office furniture – will incorporate iotspot into their desks and tables. The Jamfabriek in ‘s-Hertogenbosch is the first office environment to make use of iotspot.