Cooperation with Kommerkors.

Beautiful, original, easy to use and focused on commercial success. These are what characterise our designs. Your wishes are at the heart of our way of working. With Kommerkors, you know where you’re at. We divide the work into several stages, in which you get to hear in advance how long we’ll be working on each stage and what the costs are.

Our clients

Kommerkors designs for a variety of companies. Some clients produce our designs themselves. Other clients have the designs produced by a third party. In all cases, we intensively work together with our customers. We immerse ourselves in advance in both the products and the client’s production processes. This knowledge constitutes the point of departure for our designs. We put clients who can’t produce our designs themselves into contact with manufacturers in Europe or Asia. We also have a large network of model makers, graphic designers, marketing agencies, intellectual property protection and patent agencies.


Large or small: we do both. On one occasion we might design a gadget that will fly over the counter in the tens of millions. On another occasion we might make an exclusive piece of furniture for a production run of ‘only’ a few thousand units. We always think long and hard about how to keep the production costs low, regardless of the production run.

Design process

Large projects often have lead times of up to a year, while we sometimes can complete small projects within two months. The most important stages of the design process are:

-  The briefing: we discuss your expectations and goals, and look at the technical and financial aspects of the assignment.

-  The concept: we make initial proposals and present them to you. You can check this design against the description of the assignment. But the object, of course, is that you should also simply ‘like’ the proposal and find that it suits your organisation. After approval, we flesh out the proposal into a final design. It will be refined in all its details.

-  The production: we make drawings - nowadays often in digital form - so that the manufacturer knows exactly what to do. Then we can supervise the entire process of fabrication. We have access to a wide network of manufacturing companies in Europe and Asia.

-  Evaluation: when it’s all over, we’d like to reflect with you on whether the design has fulfilled your expectations.


We work primarily on a basis of royalties. For each product designed by us that you sell, we receive a fee. This way of working incentivises us to look carefully at the commercial value of our design. And for you, this type of remuneration means a minimal investment. After all, you only pay when the product actually reaches the market.

A small proportion of our customers opt to pay us an hourly rate, for example in the case of products with small production runs. The advantage of a fixed hourly rate is that you know exactly how much you are paying.

Of course, a combination is also possible: a low hourly rate, coupled with an agreed fee per product sold.

Whatever you opt for, we commit ourselves to a successful commercial end product.


In tandem with all the aspects such as price, originality and production, environment plays an indispensable role in our work. From inception, we take into account the impact of our products and opportunities for recycling. A good example is the reuse of the moulds we made for the Heineken medal bottle openers. These moulds can be easily adapted to the new edition of the Olympic Games.

Professional association

We follow the design process as outlined by the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO):

Kommerkors is affiliated with the BNO. This has advantages for our customers: we follow standard procedures and use the BNO contracts as a starting point. We subscribe to the Code of Conduct and submit to decisions of the complaints committee.