For Casala, together with design office Esquisse, Kommerkors developed the “Lynx” conference hall chair. Behind its modern and minimalistic appearance, a patented innovative linking device is concealed. This allows the chairs to be easily linked together. Ahoy Rotterdam uses 3,500 Lynx chairs.

The design

The chair itself is the linking device. Lift slightly, move to the left and the seats are solidly linked. No extra steps or tools are needed to quickly and stably connect them to each other: eighty seats can be put in place in less than three minutes. The centre-to-centre distance is narrow, while the seat width remains generous and comfortable. Lynx meets the EU standards for conference hall chairs.

Lynx has garnered a Red Dot Design Award, the international design prize for innovative products. The Lynx has also been awarded the FX Prima Award and the Benelux Office Product Award. Click here for an overview of our awards and patents.