Awards & patents

Kommerkors designs attract attention. They regularly win design awards and nominations and are praised in the press.

1.     The Lynx chair was designed by Kommerkors together with design office Esquisse for Casala. The chair was a three-time prize winner:

-   Red Dot Design Award
-   FX Prima Award
-   Benelux Office Product Award

2.  Our pump-free soap dispenser Soapbelly has been nominated for the Dutch design prizes.

3.  For the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, we came up with the Beesies. With this, Albert Heijn scored the most successful World Cup campaign of 2010. Customers who collected Beesies spent on average 26 per cent more than normal. click here

4.  For the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Kommerkors designed the Hup Holland Hamsters. The Albert Heijn Hup Holland Hamsters earned the widest recognition and highest rating from the Dutch people during the World Cup, according to Marketing Tribune.

5.  Make people aware of how much power they are consuming. That was the purpose of ZieNu Remote, a handy device to display a real-time read-out of your power consumption. Diederik Samsom (PvdA) was handed the first model by Oohisee in 2009. The design also did not go unnoticed by our neighbours to the East: click here


Patents have been applied for on several Kommerkors products. For example on the energy meter for Electrabel, our chairs for Casala, the Parker writing implements and the Soapbelly soap dispenser. 

Example of the patent for the Electrabel electricity meter: click here