Mini-farms get noticed!

Kommerkors regularly designs striking promotional free gifts for Albert Heijn, the leading food retailer in the Netherlands. Following the successful World Cup premium Hup Holland Hamsters, the Mini-farms are stealing the show this autumn. Albert Heijn asked us to devise a promotional free gift that emphasises fresh products. We thought up the Mini-farms, for children to collect and to play with at farming.

Together with TBWA we designed 24 different appealing Mini-farms: little models of people, animals, products, tools and a Campina milk tanker. What’s more, we designed a storage box in the shape of a farm. The mini-farms, manufactured in the Netherlands, are made of recyclable cardboard and contain no additional packaging material. The little models can easily be pressed out from a simple cardboard sheet. On the sheet, moreover, there are curious facts about farm life (‘Did you know that horses prefer not to sleep lying down because they find that much too tiring?’).